Friday 20 May 2016

Would Your Car Vote To Leave The EU?

If you have your car worked on by a small, independent garage, you will be aware of the diverse range of vehicles that the independent mechanic is required to work on. They need to be able to repair your BMW, your wife’s Toyota, your Daughter’s Citroen and your son’s ridiculous hot hatch with the noisy exhaust and even nosier stereo.

Your mechanic does not know everything about all of these cars, and the many others that pass through the workshop doors, but your mechanic is able to fix them due to a handy bit of legislation from Europe.
Block Exemption and Euro 5 legislation protect the rights of your mechanic to access the technical information and equipment from the manufacturers, to be able to diagnose and repair the many different types of vehicles he or she is required to work on.  

The freedom of movement across the borders of Europe applies, not only to specialist technicians being allowed to work in the UK, but to replacement car parts. This creates more choice, more knowledge, and a cheaper bill when you have your car repaired or serviced.

Leaving the EU would give us the option of creating our own legislation if we feel we could knock something up better than what is already provided by the EU.

Qualified and specialist mechanics would be harder to source, their wages would rise as would the cost to the consumer.

We would have the opportunity to create new trading relationships with European parts suppliers. Again, these could be better or worse than what we already have with the EU. And again, the results will show on the bottom line to the consumer.
There are, of course, many car component manufacturers within the UK. With the sudden closing of the borders to migrant workers, the cost of production is likely to go up considerably making them uncompetitive on the world stage. This gives these larger companies the option of; dealing only with the domestic market, or upping sticks and moving to the mainland.

So, there you have it. If you haven’t thought about how the referendum affects your car, now you have. I’m sure it will make absolutely no difference on how you vote, which is kind of ironic because how we vote seems to have little or no effect on how the country is run.

Viva la revolution! 

***All the crap you see written here is Kelvin's opinion and not that of his associates, race team or marketing partners.***