Tuesday 10 July 2012

The best car in the world probably has slicks and nowhere to put your shopping.

So with all the racing stuff and the tuning things, you are probably wondering what my daily driver is.

Have a guess.

No, you're wrong. It is actually a Peugeot 106. No, not a Rallye. No, not an XS.

It is 1997 1.5 diesel model. Jelous? You should be.

Allow me to give you a brief run down of the stats. It does 0 to 60 sometimes and has a top speed when going downhill with a tail wind.
It will quite comfortably seat 4 people if two of them have no legs And there is more than enough room in the tailgate to swing an earwig.

The exterior is a dazzling shade of faded red broken up with a sporty orange oxidisation colour on the leading edge of many of the panels, giving it that flip effect that the yoof of today like on their "Hot Hatches".

Ok, so it is not great. But let me remind you that I am a racing driver and, contary to popular belief, racing makes you poor.
A wise man once said "There is a small fortune to be made racing cars. You start with a large fortune and whittle it down."

So, although on the face of it my humble 106 seems like a shed, it is only out of necessity. It is an unfortunate hinderance that I have to travel around to do my job. My 106 is the most cost effective way of doing this. I can fill the tank of it for about £50 which is just about enough diesel for the little Pug to drive to the moon and back again. You would have to stop a couple of times to top up the oil but hey, there is plenty of oil in the world, right?
 Being small, I can park it in my lovely little seaside town. Being cheap means I have more money to spend on race cars. I do literaly work with race cars so that I can pay to do more work with race cars. How sad is that? Oh my god, I am becoming my dad!

Anyway, that is why I drive a Pug 106 diesel.

But what if I could afford any car? Well, I have always hankered for a Porsche. If you can afford any car in the world, you might as well buy the best. Which means buying a Porsche. Not just any Porsche. A 930 Turbo Targa Flatnose. I think that would be favorite. Then, for taking the in-laws out  shopping, you can't beat the M5. The BMW M5 is simply the best saloon car in the world and has been since it first came on the market.

Both of these are good cars. Expensive too. But not the stuff of the mega mega rich. We are talking people so rich that, not only do they have butlers, but their butlers have butlers. And those butlers have dogs who also have butlers. and those butlers order the dogs food in from Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athenee in France and spoon feed it to the dog.

 Is there a car for people whose butlers have butlers have dogs have butlers? 
For that you need to think what is the very best car in the world? 
What is the ultimate car? 
 Well, let us assume it will come from the best car maker in the world. So let us assume it is a Porsche. Best car they did? 
Maybe. But probably the 911 GT1 Stra├čenversion.

Yeah, that is a serious motor car. Also, you could race it. But then if you were going to race a Porsche, you would get a 935. Or a 962C. 
Hell, what are we talking about? A Euromillions Roll over? Let's have both! 
And while were at it an AMG DTM Merc. A Rowdy Burns Chevy Lumina. A Mclaren MP4/3 Formula 1 car. A Mclaren M10 from the days of F5000. The list goes on...

So what would I drive if I won the lottery? Probably a 1997 Peugoet 106 diesel. But wait until you see all the race cars I will put in my garage.

Oh, and I'd be poor again.

***All the crap you see written here is Kelvin's opinion and not that of his associates, race team or marketing partners.***

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